Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Looking for a good cause? I could use your help.

My current safe-ish place is booting me out so they can renovate and double the rent. I'm not only allergic to corn, but to most foods, molds, laundry detergents, fabric softener, cigarette smoke, perfumes, etc and so on. So I need a space where I can control the environment as much as humanly possible.

This makes finding a place difficult and renting even more complicated as only a few places will work for me. If you want a reason that affects you... if I can't find a safe place.. then I'm afraid I will no longer be healthy enough to help with the corn allergy awareness movement.

If you want a reason that affects your pocketbook... no safe place. bad health. I lose my job. I become homeless. And I'll have to go on disability. (technically I would qualify now though I haven't pursued it.)

I have most of the financing I need... I'm almost there. I just need a little more help.

Help me get a safe house. CLICK HERE

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I wish I could help you out in find safe house but you live far away, yes if you are willing to relocate then I can help you out for sure. Looking forward to heard from you on further proceedings