Friday, October 13, 2006

Car accident may kill you. Airbags and corn.

Just when you need it most, your airbag may kill you, and not in the strange ways of wierd freak accidents. Due to a warning issued on Delphi - Avoiding Corn - Car Air bags, I decided to do a little research on airbags and corn allergy.

According to a science research info site: "Talcum powder or corn starch is used to line the inside of the air bag and is released from the air bag as it is opened."

Lovely! Now we have to choose between our safety and our health.

According to Pueblo Govt Information site: US Dept. of Transportation, there is a way to turn off your airbags.

This is definately a case of damned if you do and damned if you don't. I believe I may have to contact my dealership and see if they know with which "talc or corn starch" my airbags are packed.

I recommend that you all do the same. The last thing you need while in an accident is to have anaphylaxis and searching the wreckage for your epipen (or your child's epipen).

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Anonymous said...

Great. Just... great. I never thought I'd be so glad to be driving old junkers. I've always hated airbags due to folks being decapitated.

I will never own a vehicle with a functional airbag. If I ever buy a new vehicle, I will not drive it off the lot until the stupid airbag has been disconnected.

Thanks for posting this!!! Duly passing on.