Saturday, January 06, 2007

New and ingenious uses for Corn

There are new uses for corn being developed every day, it seems. Keeping track of them all is probably impossible, but luckily The Kentucky Corn Growers Association has a list of specific items derived from corn. The list is meant to help advertise the new and wonderful uses of corn, for those who want to support environmentally friendly, sustainable living products. While the environmental impact is to be admired (Really, we don't want this stuff sitting around a landfill either) from an allergy sufferer's point of view, these things are a serious danger.

Link Here

Some notable entries:
Natural living bedding materials
Magic nuudles craft material
InterfaceFLOR Ingeo Carpet
Baby care products (Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder, Desitin)
Febreze deodorizing spray (often used in Dr's offices and stores)
Secure'N Safe preemergence organic weed control

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