Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Since Crayola colored pencils were mentioned on the avoiding corn forum as being corn-free, I let Baby E color with some today. She had a great time.

But Baby E got welts on her neck wherever the colored pencils poked her. They seemed awfully big and red for just a pressure mark, so I called the company.

The representative I spoke with was very helpful. Here's what she told me:

The colored pencils do not contain corn, but they do contain soy.

The crayons contain cornstarch in the glue that fastens the paper wrappers. The crayons themselves do not contain corn, soy or coconut/palm oil. They are made in a paraffin base, not vegetable or beeswax. I am going to try taking off the wrappers and washing the crayons, and then letting Baby E use them.

The only product that contains coconut/palm oil is the oil pastels.

I did not check on the paints--if anyone does find out about them, please let me know.

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Donna (Raindrop on POFAK) said...

Hey I am a POFAK too and saw your post with this link. My DS breaks out head-to-toe from Crayola crayons. We tried taking wrappers off and even using the Crayola crayon maker (melts down old crayons to make new ones) as well and he still broke out.

When I called crayola though, the rep was very helpful and suggested trying the Twistables and DS can use those without breaking out. HTH