Monday, November 12, 2007

King Corn: Movie Review

I finally got to see the movie, King Corn, on Sunday. It was interesting and had a fair amount of humor. It definitely wasn't boring.

It also wasn't as hard hitting as I expected, nor did it get into all the different derivatives that are made from corn.

It was a rather cursory overview of corn farming and where that corn goes, which I'm certain is quite eye opening to many people across the nation who aren't very in touch with America's corporate farming roots. It also touched on heath issues caused by overindulging in corn, both for humans and animals.

Since I've been researching corn, corn syrup, subsidies, etc for quite a while now, most of the movie was pretty elementary for me.

The one thing I did find educational and highly amusing was the portion of the movie focused on Ian and Curt's attempt to make corn syrup in their kitchen. (Since they couldn't get a film tour of a corn syrup refinery.) Anyone who thinks that corn syrup is "natural" really needs to see that part of the movie. I'm not exactly sure what was added to the corn to make syrup, and maybe Curt and Ian can give us the recipe? A couple of the ingredients they added looked like poison, and the directions for making it were very long and involved. Not exactly what I'd consider "natural".

This movie is still a "must-see" in my book, and something that I plan to buy if it comes out on DVD. I will probably buy several copies and give them out as Christmas gifts. That way my friends and family can have visual proof of the things I've been trying to say for years now. :)

Change isn't going to happen overnight, but with books, movies, and public demand, maybe we can get the ball rolling a little faster.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

King Corn Movie

King Corn is coming to a theatre near you (hopefully) so look for it. If its not coming to a theatre near you, pester your local cinema to get it.

I haven't seen the film yet, but it's really bringing a lot of education to the world (USA at least) about the overuse of corn in our diets. So that has to be good news for us!

The makers of King Corn are also doing a "Corn-Free Challenge" for the month of November, which I would encourage everyone to signup. Most of us already do it, or at least mostly (there are a few that still eat corn-fed meats), so lets make this challenge the biggest they've seen.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hidden Citric Acid

I doubt this is what Apac Chemical Corporation intended as the usefulness of its product information on Citric Acid, but nevertheless product guides like these are extremely important to us trying to avoid hidden corn.

Listed below are a few of the notable mentions for uses for citric acid of which people might not be aware:

Water Softener Salts: Both Home and Commercial water softener salts contain citric acid. (if you have a water softener, you may want to stop drinking the water straight from the tap, and invest in a filtration system)

Cigarettes: Citric acid controls the burn rate of the paper so it doesn't burn faster than the tobacco. Its also used on the tobacco to "balance the flavors".

Canola Oil: Many corn allergics have repeatedly reported problems with Canola oil. Well this article lists Canola Oil specifically as containing citric acid. Its used as a de-gumming agent.

Citric acid keeps it smelling fresh.