Friday, January 21, 2011

Discussion of NCGA blog post about corn allergies

There's a post over on "Corn Commentary", which is a blog of the National Corn Growers Association, which has gotten quite a few people in uproar.

The post is "Allergies Nothing To Sneeze At" which discusses how rare a corn allergy must be, and if read under the right light can lead you to believe that people with a corn allergy are exaggerating or making things up. I am not entirely sure that was their intent or not.

However, what's really gotten people into an uproar is that the comments are not showing. I know I have commented. I also know a good 10 others who have too, but none are showing.

If you'd like to discuss this article, please feel free to use our comments section here. I'll do my best to make sure that "Corn Commentary" sees them.

Some unpublished comments: (please feel free to tell us how you feel about their blog post in our comments, thanks)

"I deal with corn allergies all the time, and I appreciate you touching on this subject.

Corn is a growing allergen among children and adults, however it is still in its uphill battle stages as many doctors, nutritionists, and other medical professionals still consider corn a hypoallergenic food. (Don’t ask me why, but its true.) So even when presented with proof, some still dismiss the possibility. For that alone, many corn allergies never get reported, and many corn allergic persons resort to alternative medicine.

So that you’re unable to verify just how fast it’s growing does not surprise me. I’m not sure myself on the stats of a corn allergy and how fast it’s growing, and I’ve been doing corn food allergy coaching for nearly 6 years now.

What I do know is that every year there seems to be more and more demand for my services and knowledge, and more and more demand for corn-free foods." - Von


"Your post sounds like you are poking fingers at this poor woman who has to deal with what I deal with everyday.  Its a nightmare.  There is a whole blog of people with corn allergy. Total Messages: 80440 (39 posted today) Members: 2880 (47 active today)
Corn is in everything!  Here's a list of ingredients I have to look out for every day.  Meat and vegetables are impossible to buy at any grocery store.  They are all sprayed with citric or lactic acid made from corn, or dusted with corn starch.  The USDA and FDA has done a fine job at regulating.  If there is just trace amounts of corn in any product it doesn't have to be disclosed at all!  It is really embarrassing when you visit someone and you have to always remember to bring your own toilet paper.  I really hate it when I am around any one with any scents or perfumes on.  The alcohol that carries the scent is made from corn.  It is nearly impossible to find soaps and shampoos without corn.  Vinegar, glycerin, alcohol, natural flavors, vanilla, citric acid, maltodextrin, sweeteners and diet sugars, and salt are just a few examples that are in virtually everything.  We even have to pay extra to have our medicines compounded.  We have to use the source ingredients without any corny fillers.  Please be more compassionate.  If any of us goes to the emergency room and we are given glucose we could die." - MissyAnn104

"I have multiple food allergies and by far the one to corn is the worst! Why you ask? Just avoid corn! you say.
Yeah wouldn't that be nice but as you point out corn is so environmentally friendly replacing so many things that it is almost impossible. I can't even use my enhaler any more due the the "environmentally friendly" use of ethanol as the propellant now. Its illegal to use anything else the last I checked. Not to mention what trying to pump gas for my car does to me.
I could say so much more but I know it would do no good. Nothing would change. My life is so far from what it usd to be you would not even recognize it as a "happy ProductiveLife".
" - wchamberlink


"“Like people with any allergy, she will have to read the labels on any products she wants to consume or use. But, she can still lead a happy and productive life, despite that.”

What a ridiculous thing to say. Only someone that has never had to deal with an allergy to something as ubiquitous as corn could be so cavalier with such a loaded statement. If corn was disclosed on labels at all times, life would be much simpler for the corn allergic, but it would still not even be in the same ballpark with happy and productive. Everything is poison when you are allergic to corn. Other people with all their corny scented products, deli counters in the grocery store, gas stations (inside and out), hair salons, movie theaters, laundromats, offices, schools, even the houses of relatives can be intolerable. Try going on a date when you can’t eat at a restaurant or go to a movie. Try working in an office where microwave popcorn and hand sanitizers are every day obstacles. For that matter, try grocery shopping when they’re steaming seafood with corny seasonings or cleaning the floor and every handle of every shopping cart is wiped down with corny antibacterial wipes. Of course, you know how prevalent corn is in American life. You know that the economy of this country is irrevocably intertwined with the fate of GMO corn because this blog is all about corn propaganda. I noticed that Sudden Death Syndrome, superweeds and the ever increasing need for more chemicals to grow corn and soy crops aren’t mentioned on here.

We corn allergic may have it tough right now, but when the GMO crops fail (aren’t the stores of corn and soy at the lowest point in history right now because of crop failures?) we’ll be the only ones that know how to survive without all the corny “conveniences” upon which the rest of Americans is dependent. I have half a grassfed cow (custom butchered to avoid citric and lactic acids) and local vegetables in my freezer (specifically bought local to avoid corn waxes, gases and acid washes that are on almost all grocery store produce). What will you eat when the grocery store has no frozen dinners, breakfast cereal, canned pasta, sandwich meat, vitamin D milk or rotisserie chickens? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see you survive off the 18 items in my grocery store that are completely corn-free? (I”ll give you a hint: there’ll be no meat, dairy or wheat products at all and you better step lively in the produce section.)

Remember, no one can have it both ways. You can’t extol the virtues of having corn in every product in America in one breath and then suggest that corn allergic individuals only have to read labels for a happy life in the next breath. Who are you kidding?" - kristyreal


"Based on the tone of your article, it is obvious that you have completed however many days of research and stand by your beliefs.  The difficulty of the corn allergy, unlike other food allergies, is the unknown nature in which the allergy will manifest and the lack of discernible ability to pinpoint the culprit of the reaction.  This overall ignorance toward a corn allergy has not hope of change unless: 

1. A person with clout realizes they are allergic to corn and corn derivatives and gives money for research or sheds light on the allergy and the pervasiveness of corn (which you think is a good thing).

2. the corn industry doesn't have such a large hold and investment on the American food industry.

I'm sorry.   I don't agree with the comment "The fact that corn can be used to make a variety of products is a great thing..."  or the comment "...not unlike people who suffer from Celiac disease and are unable to eat anything with gluten in it. Like people with any allergy, she will have to read the labels on any products she wants to consume or use."

The reason I do not agree with your statements are the many hidden names of corn and the fact that corn and corn derivatives do not have to be labeled on ingredients lists, like gluten, soy, eggs etc.  Corn does not have to be labeled if it is used in any way to process a food, package a food, or used in medications, or IVs.

Most corn ingredients won't be labeled as "corn."  Case in point, I gave birth to my daughter last year, I told my OBGYN and the hospital staff that I am allergic to corn.  They even wrote it on my red bracelet.  I had to have an emergency cesarean, up until that moment I had no worries of being poisoned at the hospital.  They subsequently gave me an IV and medication (after 26 hours of labor and refusing said iv and medications) that contained corn...DEXTROSE to be exact.  I lost consciousness...they had difficulty reviving me.  I surmised, based on your logic, I should have stopped the medical staff to read the labels on the medications, since it's obviously my and, in the future, Maureen's daughter's job to make sure we don't die at the hospital.

I realize you "researched" your article before hitting the "Publish Now" button; however, I am certain you had NO idea how to properly research this allergy.  Your statements are based on ignorance.  You should try harder and be more diligent next time.  Perhaps you should consult Maureen.

Again, gluten must be labeled if any ingredient contains, was derived from, or MIGHT INCLUDE gluten, i.e. wheat, oats, barley, spelt
Soy must be labeled if any ingredient contains, was derived from, or MIGHT INCLUDE soy, even a no-brainer like tofu
Eggs must be labeled if any ingredient contains, was derived from, or MIGHT INCLUDE eggs...including a package of EGGS
Shellfish must be labeled if any ingredient contains, was derived from, or MIGHT INCLUDE shellfish...including shrimp and lobster
Fish must be labeled if any ingredient contains, was derived from, or MIGHT INCLUDE fish...including halibut, tilapia, salmon, etc.
Peanuts...Treenuts...Dairy....  Do you get my point?
Corn or corn derivatives, however, require NO labeling.  This is the list of corn and corn derivatives as it exists today.  Unless this is stopped Maureen's daughter will have to carry an encyclopedia with her to the grocery store or choose to not eat: (insert Conner's corn allergen list here)" - HelpImHungry


Ken C said...

The reason comments were not showing was because they are moderated, and the comments began showing in the moderation queue after our office closed Friday evening. We have accepted all but one. We have a very liberal acceptance policy and I only rejected one that did not add anything at all to the discussion but just attached the original poster.

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* Runny Nose
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* Tiredness / Exhaustion - sometimes extreme
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