Friday, July 15, 2011

The Food Allergy Cookbook by Neslon and Ibrisimovic - book review

The Food Allergy Cookbook "A guide to living with allergies and entertaining with healthy, delicious meals." by Carmel Nelson and Amrm Ibrisimovic  (The links in this article go to it's listing on Amazon if you'd like to purchase it.)

About a month ago, I was approached by publicist for this book and asked:

"Would you be interested in reviewing this book on your blog if I gave you a free book?"

I said, "Hell yes."

I'm a little bit of a book cookbook junkie, and I do like to have some idea of the new books coming out just so I know whether or not to recommend them.

The Food Allergy Cookbook really is a very good attempt at cutting out a few allergens from your diet. It is almost corn-free (there's a couple recipes which call for ingredients you're not going to be able to find corn-free), wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, possibly soy-free though there's a couple recipes which include ingredients you won't readily find soy-free.. and thats about it. (The recipes do include eggs, beans, nuts, fish, gluten-free grains, rice, and many include coconut.)

This is a really great cookbook for anyone newly gluten-free, or needing to avoid wheat and milk.

My one point of contention with the book is that the authors at the beginning of the book attempt to give lessons on how to eat allergy-free for some allergens (like corn) and fail to give adequate advice. The advice they do give isn't bad, but it's not nearly detailed enough, and should not be taken as your sole source of advice on avoiding these allergens. You definitely should not take their advice about avoiding corn as their advice on it is so incomplete that it could be harmful.

Actually, I advise just skipping the first part of the book and going straight to the recipes.

The recipes look good, and I trust that they are. Unfortunately since I am allergic to almonds, coconut, beans, fish, eggs, rice, most vegetables, and nearly all the gluten-free grains, there isn't much in the book that I could safely make so I've not made any.

I would highly recommend the Food Allergy Cookbook to anyone new to gluten-free cooking or new to dairy-free cooking as there really are some great recipes and ideas in the book.

If you have questions about what is or isn't in the book.. looking for something special? Just ask, I'll check the book for you.


SebastientheVII said...


I was wondering how often animal products(especially meat, since egg & dairy are big allergens) appear in the book. I have alot of allergies but alot of the allergy cookbooks I run into are heavily meat based which doesn't jive with my vegan diet.

Thanks for the help!

Von said...

There's supposedly 101 recipes. I didn't count. But there's approximately 10 meat based recipes and a couple of those would be easy to make vegan. The rest of the recipes are vegan unless egg is called for, which most of those egg substitute would work ok.