Saturday, April 21, 2012

Corn Free Gardeners Beware

A new, all natural soil amendment has been released.  This product, Zeba, was designed to improve the hydration of the soil.  It's used to keep the ideal amount of water present in the soil to optimize plant growth.  The problem?  It's made from all natural cornstarch; which undergoes a chemical process that adjusts it's ability to hydrate.

It's not likely that plants grown with this medium are directly a problem for uncornies; but those who are growing their own food will need to beware and avoid soil or enhancers that include Zeba.  It also seems prudent to thoroughly wash vegetables, especially root vegetables, that may have come into contact with this soil enhancer.


River Glorious said...

Oh for pete's sake... I can't believe this.

Thanks for the heads up.

Rebecca said...

this is why we compost....... *sigh*

River Glorious said...

At any rate, composting is healthier and safer than store-bought products. I never thought that a vegetable (rather, grain) could BITE but people have made it so it does.

I'm sighing, too.