Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Organic Valley Dairy Products - Confirmed Corn

Organic Valley has been a staple in many of our homes as one of the "safe" corn-free milks out there.

While their milks are still corn-free (except any processed at plant 55-1224), some of their other products contain corn or have a possible corn contamination.

Unsafe Organic Valley products: (original post)

Ultra-pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream

Chocolate Milk

Lactose-Free Milk

Buttermilkand Buttermilk Powder


All Soy products

Sour Cream

Also, the following Organic Valley cheeses are put into packaging that is dusted with cornstarch.

Raw Sharp & Raw Milk Cheddar
Pepper Jack
Baby Swiss

Thanks to Catherine for investigating and reporting this information.

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McRanchers said...

I also reacted to the sharp cheddar... while not on your list, it was a classic corn reaction and now I understand why.