Friday, December 01, 2006

Horizon and Aurora Organic - Not really organic?

At one time, Horizon Organic milk was being considered for our corn-free list, but people kept reacting to it.

Now this article by the Organic Consumers Association, on Corporate Greed & Organic Milk gives more reasons not to consume Horizon products.

Horizon Organics may have originally been quality products; however, Dean's Foods purchased Horizon in 2003. It seems at least since the purchase of Horizon by Dean's Foods, that the company has been slapping Organic labels on non-organic foods. (Horizon Organic's is also sold in the United Kingdom under the Rachel's Organic brand label)

According to & Democracy in Action, Aurora Organics sells the following private labels: WoodStock Farms Organic, Great Value Organic (Walmart), Costco's "Kirkland Signature," Safeway’s "O" organics brand, Publix’s “High Meadows,”Giant's "Natures Promise," and Wild Oats’ organic milk.

Please read Organic Consumers Association's article: Corporate Greed & Organic Milk for more information.

According to Denver Bizjournal, Dean's also processes and distributes "Silk soy products, Hershey's milks, International Delight coffee creamers and Marie's dips, among other things." So you can guess how big they really are.

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Anonymous said...

I was on vacation with my family. We ran out of our grass fed milk for our son who is highly sensitive to corn. I called Horizon to find out if their cows were grass fed and they are not. The reason why people are having reactions is the cows are fed a mix of grains to eat, one of the many grains is corn.