Sunday, October 01, 2006

About Purple_Kangaroo

Purple_Kangaroo is the mother of an infant with a severely sensitive corn allergy (as well as allergies to mold, soy and other legumes, and possibly a few other things such as nightshades).

After a year of dealing with a fussy, sleepless baby, the family finally took Baby E to an allergist. Identifying the corn allergy with a skin test and removing corn from their diet has made a huge difference.

Purple_Kangaroo also has an extensive personal and family history of food and environmental allergies. She has been researching and living with various allergies and intolerances for most of her life.

Her interests include creating delicious allergen-free meals, homeschooling her 3 children, writing and doing graphic design work, making arts and crafts, taking part in church and community activities, and lobbying for more awareness and better labeling to help people with food allergies.

Purple_Kangaroo also has a personal blog. For more about her family's history with food allergies, see her blog post here: Why I'm interested in allergies and corn avoidance

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