Sunday, October 01, 2006

Corn is Global - World Markets for Corn

Since corn is so predominant in the US food supply, many of us have turned to imported goods to find corn-free foods. However, there are a few countries which should be watched for corn as well.

According to Iowa Corn, the top 10 biggest customers for US corn are: Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Egypt, Colombia, Algeria, Canada, Israel, and the Dominican Republic.

According to, the top 5 markets for US grain exports are: Japan, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, and Egypt. (these 5 count for approx. 43% of the total 2005/2006 corn exports.)

And according to The New York Times, "Japan is by far the largest overseas market for American corn growers." It is used predominantly for brewing beer and making starch syrups.

Some other countries that grow their own corn supply and/or export corn as well:

Australia grows its own corn. Kellogg's, themselves, have 30,000 tons of whole Australian corn milled for use in its products, according to Kellogg's Australian website.

China also grows its own corn. An article by the USDA, mentions that China's halting exports of corn and may start to import. Their use of corn is up by a strong demand from the starch, syrup, and ethanol industries, according the Chicago Board of Trade.

Other growers of corn, are India (local & export), Brazil (local & export), Chile, Argentina, and others.

So make sure you watch your labels, and know all the names of corn. Just because its not made in the U.S. of Corn, doesn't necessarily mean its corn-free.

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